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Our vision

The gardening club welcomes everybody, from beginner to well experienced gardener, who wants to enjoy fresh air and exercise, growing his own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.



The starting plots are approximately 25 m² and can be increased according to the needs and ability of the member, to a maximum of 100 m².

The coming and going of members means that there is sometime a waiting list. Check it in our section "How to join?".



The club offers a lot of facilities, tips and advices, for a moderate membership fee which covers the members themselves and their family. In exchange, some dedication in maintaining the gardens neatly and participation to communal tasks is expected from the members.



ESTEC Gardening Club




At the beginning of the Gardening club, en 1973 at least, there were then 20 members. The gardens were at place of the actual tennis courts ...



What the club offers to its members?


A plot, tools, manure, fertilizer, shells, soil, ...


How to join?


Some plots are still available.



The committee


The Committee is elected at the A.G.M. each year ...




Rules and security aspects


Like all clubs, the Estec Gardening Club has rules ...


What about the Club’s health & safety policy?


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