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The Gardening Club of ESTEC encourages the social life for its members. When you join our club, it is not only to grow vegetables and fruit and eat them, but it is also the opportunity for you to have a good time outside and share your experience with the other gardeners.

To increase this feeling of being in a group, and also to help the club to work efficiently, each member has to give a little bit of his time, participating to communal tasks during the Working/Social events.

If you cannot come during these events, then we will ask you to do something else for the club. A list of tasks (as cleaning the fridge, ...) will be published and we ask you to decide what you prefer to do. First come, first served ...

ESTEC Gardening Club


Gardening Club Working/Social Event

Saturday, 8 April 2017

This was a really good event! More than 30 members, children not included (and they did help too!) contributed to a very successful working/social event. The weather was fantastic, all the tasks done:

- the surroundings of the hut were cleaned, the hut too,

- the weeds were removed from plot 10 and the paths around and the whole plot recovered properly with black covers

- the supports of the hoses fixed back

- many paths allocated to non-allocated gardens have been cleaned

- the open green house near the entrance has been tidied and cleaned. All the members can use it now if they need to keep their own seedlings in good light before planting them as long as they mark them and keep the place tidy.

The day ended as usual with a picnic: delicious food and fresh drinks were well appreciated! 


We try to find the best moment to organize the two working parties of the year. Juggling with the school holidays, official holidays and vacation periods. As always, there will be a working afternoon followed by a picnic (you bring something nice to nibble, the club provides the drinks). We usually work from 14.00 till 16.00, then have the picnic together near the hut. In case of bad weather, the session will be postponed by one week. 


Ask around to those who came the previous years: this is a fun day, not a punitive exercise. There will be tasks for all ability levels. Children welcome!


Make a note of these dates in your diary, and tell us if you can come.


List of tasks for volonteers non attending the Working Party (ies)

There is always something to do ...


Finally you were/will not available during the working party(ies), don't worry, we will find something to do ...

Of course you can choose to do more than one task ... ;-)

Let see what you can do ....

You want to be active in the club

The club needs you ...


Because the Committee can not do everyting into the club, the club needs volonteers to help them to do specific tasks.

The idea is to divide the work between several persons, so it represents only a small charge for each, and gives a lot of results for everyone !

Let see what you can do ...


Saturday, 24 June 2017

For this year's event, the ESTEC Gardening Club considers having a table with posters advertising the club, a map of the gardens showing the empty plots, and sale of plants, there are also some nesting boxes left from the last event which could be sold. We need 3-4 persons to sit at the table for 1 to 2 hours. This event is good for the club (attract new members, show support to SSCC) and for the charity benefiting from the proceeds. Participation in the event is based on volunteering and could be cancelled if we cannot mobilize enough people for the cause. 

At the last 2 editions (2013 & 2014), the Gardening Club has actively participated to the Fun Days, with a relative success and collected some money for the Humanitarian Relief Fund. We were selling plants, jams, pancakes, bird houses, and also having a workshop for the construction of an insect hotel.

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