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Compost Area

After throwing during several years the "weeds" (and some soil at the same time), the prunings of shrubs, and vegetables that we do not want in a container, it was decided to establish in 2014 a new area for a collective composting.

It is located on the plot number 10.


The compost will be managed 2 ways:

- In the 4 wood composters, it is asked to only put vegetable waste with a fast composting process such as:

fallen leaves, damaged fruit, vegetables, “good” weeds (not already flowering, and no perennial weeds... ).

Only one out of two compartment must be used, the second being left free in the first year to allow turning the compost over more easily.


Why don’t you bring your vegetable waste from home?

Be careful to read the instructions found in the attached documents and the display panel on the plot 10. You should not bring leftover meat or fish because it attracts rats and seagulls!


- In a layered large compost area, loose on the plot 10.

There, we will make a compost which needs more time to mature.

There you can drop off the "weeds" (not flowering), the cuttings of your shrubs, and all sort of large green waste.


A shredder and several electrical extensions are available in the hut. Ask a member of the committee for the key.


You can find more information about compost in our Documents folder. The name of the file is Making compost.



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