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how to garden with the moon :

tips for gardeners :

how to build a friendly-insects-hotel :,3659.html

permet de revoir en 'replay' l'émission de France 5


Seed sites






Seed sites --> "excellent" internet seed source. Small quantities (eg. 3 courgette seeds per pack), so cheap and practical for the likes of us.  Have used seeds from them for last couple of years and germination rate is very high. Very helpful proprietor, prompt delivery (when Somerset is not flooded!)

Highly recommended. Website has photos of the crop so you get to see what you will be growing whilst ordering. 


Nicky's seeds ( --> used to use this company very regularly, however webpages are not as good as the above with lots of additional stuff to wade through, in addition quantities (and hence prices) larger, so have not used as much of late.


for rare seeds:





Link for seeds in Holland



Spanish (but be careful: you have to adapt the seeding to Dutch climate)















See the Library page.


Tool books

  • Tools for Gardeners by Liz Dobbs (published by Jacqui Small), Lots of photos, presents many options/comparisons

  • An illustraterd guide to choosing, using and maintaining garden tools - by Val Bradley and John Negus (Carroll and Brown Publishers Ltd)

  • ...





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